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RPI. The Robot Plant Integration


Cannon Automata will show to SPS Parma in collaboration with KUKA, the new application linked to the world of the Motion & Robotic: Robot Plant Integration (RPI), an innovative integrated programming module into HMI SCADA Automata. The only one of its kind.

With the new RPI system, everybody is in the condition to create even complicate paths and send them to the Robots without stopping the line. By the means of the Operator Panel, it is possible to create and modify Robot path and Robot tool activation by simple clicks and by drawing the points of the path direct on the touch-screen.
Advanced information, correlated with the process, are immediately available and can be automatically evaluated for validation and prevention of errors. From the Operator Panel it possible having Just-In-Time programming: it is not required to stop the line to access the Robot control and to put it in manual/programming mode to modify its memory. Expertized people is not required to operate on the Robot touch-pad, or on complicated CAD software for Robot. More benefits come from the possibility to have Real-Time information during the Robot programming: it is possible to see the Robot paths and compare them with models/images on the screen. The program sequence modifications include the possibility to adapt Robot programming into a complete process integration and verify the accordance with process information.

Cannon Automata RPI system is available for the most popular Robot brands.